Sunday, 5 June 2016

Trying To Be Perfect ? STOP!

Hey guys ,

This is a topic Id like to discuss ,I've been through things and I reckon its important everyone needs to read .

There is many young people even adults that struggle with their body image and are pressured into looking a certain way . When in reality everyone is just fine the way they are .

Believe me . 

Have you ever been called 'Fat' 'Too Skinny' or another things related to your looks ? Well who are they to judge . Everyone has their own views on how people should look and there is no way you should look . You cant help what a person looks like .

I've cried a lot due to how i look and I've often felt like smashing mirrors .
 I've been going through a vicious cycle since year 8 so 12/13 that was just the start as I stopped eating dinner at school due to feeling uncomfortable as I felt as if people were judging me . It began to get worse as I was skipping breakfast and dinner and as I used to want to rush out with friends I was going long periods without food . When I was in year 10 (14) I tried to throw up didn't work but I stopped eating for 2 days .
Things began to get stressful and January 2015 I was throwing up I felt disgusting and guilty I hated myself and wanted to be 'perfect ' I was loosing weight and even a teacher was concerned . My weight keeps fluctuating between 8 stone 6 and 9 stone .
I am trying to overcome this and is taking some time ,.

You will never be happy with yourself if you keep trying to be someone your not . One of my best friends Amelia wrote me a lovely letter  ' If you never let your fantasists of being thin go then you wont be happy ' Its true .

There are celebrities that people see as perfect a lot of photos of them will be Photo-shopped and Demi Lovato has struggled from an eating disorder plus many more . There are celebrity's and youtubers out there that are good role models .

At the end of the day there only human and will have worries as everyone has stories and a background that they wont tell . Until you know someone DON'T JUDGE .

Do you want your younger brother , sister or future children to grow up around pressure and bullying because its destroying generations .

We are all unique , don't change for others

The link below will show you how a peice of pizza can be photoshopped into a woman . Shocking

From Beth xx 


  1. This is very true and very honest and you were brave to share this xxxx

  2. thank you , I was a bit unsure weather to blog about this but I just went with it :) xx

  3. This is all very true stay true to yourself xx