Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Positive Thinking Game

hey guys  ,
Cant believe 170 people have viewed my blog .... I thought it would be fun to get you guys involved :)

Make sure you have some paper and a pen with you , if you don't go and grab them .
Answer the following , Don't leave any blank !

❤ Whats 1 thing your better at than anyone else you know ?
     For me its cheering others up.

❤Whats the last thing that made you smile ?
     Getting Caspar Lees new book .

❤ Three things you'd like to achieve ?
      ❤ Inspire others
      ❤ Pass level 2 art and design
      ❤ Over come my anxiety in public places

❤ Favorite books ?
     ' Girl Online ' - Zoella Sugg
     ' Caspar Lee ' - Caspar Lee
❤ Favorite type of music?
     Pop (top 40) I also love clubland

I hope you guys enjoyed this game . I basically thought it would be grate as most people feel bad about themselves throughout life and the aim is to show you there are positive things you don't realise . ' Its the small things that count '

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From Beth xx