Sunday, 4 September 2016

Dark nights ☔️🌫❄️🍁🍂

hello again ,

Two posts in one day .

The cold and dark nights are back ! who else loves this time of year .
Going out then coming back to a warm house and jumping into your pjs with hot chochlate and marshmellows and cream !

Bonfire night ! I love the sparklers , im excited thinking about it !

things you can do
. watch films
. Have a hot chochlate marshmellows and cream
. go on a walk
. collect concers
. pj day
. hot bubbly bath
. firework display
. ice skating

This christmas id like to do some fundraising now ive thought of donating presents but id like other idears of what else would be a good idear so please comment

love beth xx