Monday, 6 March 2017

Some of my favourite skin products πŸŽ€

  Soap and glory smells absolutely wonderful my friend introduced me to soap in glory and it's perfect

 Sugar crush body butter smells like lemons πŸ‹πŸ‹

  Zoella suggs hungry hands ! Omg I totally fell in love with the smell and it was only £5 from Superdrug . Smells like gingerbread ...

And last of all I use Olay night and day cream even tho I'm 18 and it's a anti wrinkle cream it's never to early to start putting it on 

Thanks for reading guys hope you've enjoyed this post it's one of my best so far I reckon 

Form Beth xx

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Chapter 2 of 12

Hey guys .

Omg it's been ages since I posted on my blog , my heads been all over ! 
I'm making February my month ! 

1. I'm getting a job 
2 . Be more organised 
3 . Motivated more 
4. To continue blogging 

My ultimate goal is to visit New York it's on my bucket list ! 
And the song that's motivating me lately is John legend - love me now  , I seriously recommend this song ! 


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Loosing control

I cant deal with a thing right now . Im tired and physically drained , moving all the time and never being sertled ! Its a battle each and evrey day to keep living !

The amount of times ive gave up , theres a reson i dont know why ive kept going . The people ive lost  i know i will never get them back ...
I was a little girl ! i always question ' What did i do wrong ?' Im going to be an adult in three months but whos going to be there for me !

Its  now my 11th foster home , no wonder i turn to strangers on facebook when i dont have the love of a mam and dad ! All i want is to be loved and cared for .

My friends and their familys care but ive always dreamed of a perfect one of my own .

Why shouldnt i give up on others , evreyone gives up on me .

From Bethany xx

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Inspiring Insta πŸ‘πŸΌ

Im starting this post of diffrent this time ..

 First of all follow my Instagram -  dream_and_believe1999

I love helping others so this instagram is so i can raise awarness for any issue really . people that are struggling can direct message me so feel free if you need to talk . Id rather put orher peoples feelings before mine , it kind of makes me feel better knowing ive helped someone out . Just so you guys know boys hurt to ! its this steryotypical world that makes them feel they cant show emotions , so im here for evreyone .

Im worrying and confused and i feel like giving up right at this moment in time . Im turning 18 years old on New Years Day , I leave care ! although ive been told i can go back to where i have grew up im scared to move in with this family , ive not had one person thats just been in my life and left its left me with attatchment issues . Thats one of the reasons im scared and its nerve-wracking moving or going somewhere new , as most would agree ?

Evreyone faces their own struggles , we all need to support each other instead of causing more problems for each other !

Your never alone - by that i mean theres always someone that wants to help also theres people that have maybe suffered from the same thing . Theres alway someone that understands believe me

Next time you need to talk message me on instagram !
H.     O.    P.    E
O.     N.    A.   N
L.              I.    D
D              N.    S

Love beth xxπŸ’—

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Dark nights ☔️🌫❄️πŸπŸ‚

hello again ,

Two posts in one day .

The cold and dark nights are back ! who else loves this time of year .
Going out then coming back to a warm house and jumping into your pjs with hot chochlate and marshmellows and cream !

Bonfire night ! I love the sparklers , im excited thinking about it !

things you can do
. watch films
. Have a hot chochlate marshmellows and cream
. go on a walk
. collect concers
. pj day
. hot bubbly bath
. firework display
. ice skating

This christmas id like to do some fundraising now ive thought of donating presents but id like other idears of what else would be a good idear so please comment

love beth xx

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Time to put yourself first .

 Hey guys ,

I wonder how many people out there are reading my blog ?

Things get a bit hectic in our lifes and putting yourself first is the most important thing when you face a situation !

▪️Only do things that make you happy
▪️ Enjoy your own company - I reckon we all get irritated at people and this is when we should take a bit of space to relax .

▪️ Love the person you are - Your amazing for being yourself

▪️ Talking to people your own age is great as they see it and they are going through just the same things , well some :) so friends are important!

▪️ Treat yourself evreynow and then this allows you to feel good :)

Remeber you are yourself so follow your heart not society

love beth xxx

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Thoughts & Feelings

Hiya guys sorry i havent blogged in while .

Ive been struggling a bit lately , Dose anyone else have really low days were you cant do anything due to lack of motivation or just feeling down ? Well thats how ive been feeling !

I was this far away from getting a job and i blew it now ive got to look for other jobs ! Frustrates me knowing im growing into an adult and starting to have these responsabilitys and worries . Its harder too when you have anxitey and cant do it like others .

I know im not alone here , theres zoella sugg thats suffers from anxitey and one of my friends dose to . Id like peoples advice on how they deal with anxitey ?

Please comment ...

Beth xx πŸŒΈπŸ’—

Sorry for the short post