Saturday, 15 October 2016

Loosing control

I cant deal with a thing right now . Im tired and physically drained , moving all the time and never being sertled ! Its a battle each and evrey day to keep living !

The amount of times ive gave up , theres a reson i dont know why ive kept going . The people ive lost  i know i will never get them back ...
I was a little girl ! i always question ' What did i do wrong ?' Im going to be an adult in three months but whos going to be there for me !

Its  now my 11th foster home , no wonder i turn to strangers on facebook when i dont have the love of a mam and dad ! All i want is to be loved and cared for .

My friends and their familys care but ive always dreamed of a perfect one of my own .

Why shouldnt i give up on others , evreyone gives up on me .

From Bethany xx