Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Inspiring Insta 👍🏼

Im starting this post of diffrent this time ..

 First of all follow my Instagram -  dream_and_believe1999

I love helping others so this instagram is so i can raise awarness for any issue really . people that are struggling can direct message me so feel free if you need to talk . Id rather put orher peoples feelings before mine , it kind of makes me feel better knowing ive helped someone out . Just so you guys know boys hurt to ! its this steryotypical world that makes them feel they cant show emotions , so im here for evreyone .

Im worrying and confused and i feel like giving up right at this moment in time . Im turning 18 years old on New Years Day , I leave care ! although ive been told i can go back to where i have grew up im scared to move in with this family , ive not had one person thats just been in my life and left its left me with attatchment issues . Thats one of the reasons im scared and its nerve-wracking moving or going somewhere new , as most would agree ?

Evreyone faces their own struggles , we all need to support each other instead of causing more problems for each other !

Your never alone - by that i mean theres always someone that wants to help also theres people that have maybe suffered from the same thing . Theres alway someone that understands believe me

Next time you need to talk message me on instagram !
H.     O.    P.    E
O.     N.    A.   N
L.              I.    D
D              N.    S

Love beth xx💗