Friday, 10 June 2016

Don't know weather to start doing YouTube videos

Hiya Guys ,

I  hope you've all had a brilliant week . I also hope whoever has started reading my blog is enjoying it and id be happy if you would comment on what you think .

As you can tell by the heading on  this post is because I'm not sure weather to start doing YouTube videos  . I've been wanting to start doing this since 15 but never had the courage also I cant stand hearing my own voice . Who else hates hearing the voice if its been recorded?

I love how Zoe and other youtubers do their videos , I guess you have to start off somewhere , I think i'm going to just have a try and see how it goes  .

Over the past few days I've been feeling rather low but i think by continuing this blog it will help me feel better in myself , I hope i can be successful at making YouTube videos .

From Beth xx