Saturday, 25 June 2016


Hiya guys hope your all enjoying my blog so far .

I reckon this may be the best blog im about to write that ive done . So if you have found it fun and intresting please share and make sure others that you think would benifit to introduce them to this blog .

Believe in yourself is the beat thing to tell yourself when you are worrying about a new situation ! Dont let others bring you down is a key point to remember ! If your happy and you feel comfortable then DO IT ...


🍭 Try setting a goal that is realistic so you can achive it and feel good that you have been successful           in something that was your goal .

🌸 Talk to your best friend - It makes me feel so happy when i have my friends to talk to as I do feel down quite a bit so I tend to facetime my friend as we live quite a bit away from each other now . You will be abel to trust your friend and its someone thats not a teacher or a family member so it should be easyer to have a laugh and talk to .

🍓 Try to not overthink to much . Admit ? We've all done this and as you know it makes situations a whole lot worse . Keep your mind busy ! Get fresh air ! Try something new .

⭐️ Relax - Take a nice warm bath , add bubble bath or even a lush bath bomb theres loads to choose from . Read a favourite book of yours , im doing the zoella book club with my friend . Spend all day in your pjs and watch films of your choice !

📋 Get things done ... Dont leave it to the last minuite or you will get stressed and thats not good .

i hope this helped and id like to know if it did in the comments below . 😋

Love you all

-Beth xxx